Courses begin with first year Introduction to Sociology (Socy 101) and Introduction to South African Society (Socy 102). These are `prerequisites’ that you will have to complete before continuing with the second level courses. At second level Sociology, the first semester, introduces you to some of the major social thinkers in the discipline, such as Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim and Max Weber, and how they addressed the social worlds in which they were located (the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries); while, in the second semester a course on Social Change is offered.

At the third level, in the first semester, Sociology examines Contemporary Sociological Thinking and looks at, in particular, how various contemporary theories understand ‘race’ and gender in current society. One of the aims of this course is to help students understand different theories by encouraging them to make sense of social phenomena in the world around them. In the second semester Sociology offers a research course as well as courses, which address contemporary social issues such as poverty and transport. In this semester all students have the opportunity to engage in their own research to gain firsthand experience, under staff supervision, of the research process in its entirety.

Right through your stay in Sociology the two themes of critical analysis, drawing on theories, and of research will shape the courses and our approach. We will make you aware of the close relationship between what we study and how we study it, the world in which we are all located and within which you will be expected to work after completing your studies.

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