Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Sociology (SOCY101)

  • Aim: An understanding of Sociology and the social sciences; differentiation between common sense and Sociological thinking.
    Content: What are the social sciences and how do we "do" Sociology.

Introduction to South African Society (SOCY102)

  • Aim: An understanding of the relevance of Sociology to understanding South African society.
    Content: South African society, social change, social issues, inequality, and social institutions.

Research Methods in the Social Sciences (SOCY103)

  • Aim: To provide a foundation in research and in developing an understanding of research in the social sciences.
    Content: Principles and practices relevant to each stage of the research process. Includes hands-on conceptual and practical tasks.

Classical Sociological Theory (2A): [DHS2SY1] SOCY201

  • Aim: Introducing students to foundational theorists in the discipline, and the implications for research approaches and the study of social issues.
    Content: Essential ideas of several theorists; practical applications.

Sociology of Development (2B): [DHS2SY2] SOCY202

  • Aim: Examination of the processes of economic and social development.
    Content: Theories of development; poverty; rural sociology; urban sociology.

Contemporary Sociological Theory (3A): [DHS3SC1] SOCY301

  • Aim: Introducing students to contemporary theorists in the discipline.
    Content: Overview of theorists; approaches, trends and major concerns.

Research Design & IT (Sociology 3B (i)): [DHS3R12] SOCY305

  • Aim: To present principles and practice in carrying out social science research projects.
    Content: Principles of social research methods, practice of social research, scope and practice of contemporary information technology in research. Practical sessions on data managing software.

Contemporary Social Issues (Sociology 3B (ii)): [DHS3S12] SOCY306

  • Aim: Examination of definitions and theory of social problems, and intervention into social problems.
    Content: The sociology of social issues/problems approached through theory and case studies, such as crime and deviance, ill-health (eg. HIV/AIDS), poverty and inequality. Tutorials are used to develop student's ability to write research papers on social issues.

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