News Module

The Department will be offering the following three New Modules in 2006.



1.  Young People and Social Identities (1 and 2)


Content:  Theorizing and researching young people as active agents. Participatory and self reflexive ways of investigating youth, childhood, 'race' and gender. Developing appropriate and relevant approaches to working with children and young people in the areas of life skills, HIV/AIDS and sex education,   gender, and 'race' studies.


Aim: To investigate particular concerns, cultures and styles associated with the ways young males and females (aged from early years  to early 20s) from various `race?  and social class backgrounds and locations in the West, and in Southern Africa construct their identities.


2. Families (1 and 2)


Content: Key issues, problems and debates, family in perspective, family diversity, parenthood and problems.


Aim: To provide access to debates and controversies within a sociological study of the family as an institution and also to offer the students with the different ways in which debates have influenced the shape of sociological investigations on families.  


3.   Social Movements (1 and 2)


Content: Introduction to concepts and definitions, social movement theories, type, motivation, structure, tactics and strategies used by social movements.


Aim:  To introduce the sociological reasons for social movements emerging, their organization, strategies and tactics used for collective action.


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